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Ryan Martin of Texas used a 48# Maddog Mountaineer longbow, Gold Tip 3555 with a VPA 200 gr 3 blade, to take this fallow doe.

Adam Hill of Kansas arrowed this Turkey with a Maddog prairie predator.

Bill Beiermeister Of New Jersey, took this magnificent 13 Point Wyoming Whitetail with a 57# Maddog Mountaineer longbow.

The Dannenfelsers! Jack and a cow nose ray, Emma and her sting ray, and Chloe with her ray - all shot using a Maddog Prairie Predator longbow. Destin, Florida

Skip Polak, of Reno Nevada used his 60" 47# Prairie Predator longbow to take this cottontail rabbit.

Jeff Fouche used his 51# Maddog Prairie Predator and a 2016 Easton Legacy Arrow with 240gr Tusker broadhead to take this Georgia whitetail.

Justin Howell of Princeton, West Virginia, used a 61" Maddog longbow, a surewood fir arrow, and a 125 grain MA-3 broadhead to take this whitetail buck.

Mike Briganti of Montana, brought down this 650 lb hog using a 44# Maddog "Machete" brush bow, wood arrow and Tusker 2 blade broadhead.

Frank Barlow took this wild pig with a 42# Prairie Predator Longbow, and arrrow tipped with Stinger buzz cut broadheads.

Mark Graham of Indiana used a 46# Maddog midsized longbow, Goldtip 35/55 arrow with a 150 gr Magnus stinger, to take this whitetail doe, his first deer with a longbow.

Mike Briganti, took this zebra while hunting in South Africa's Limpopo region. He used a 52# Maddog midsized longbow, and Magnus Stinger razor heads.

First traditional kill, and first animal taken with a Maddog M.U.T.T; Lee Busque used his 53# M.U.T.T longbow to take this Racoon.

Caleb Gray, of the Fiji Islands, took this pidgeon using a Maddog, mid size longbow, wooden arrow, and homemade blunt tip.

First Traditional kill; Dalton Gray, From Fiji Islands, Took this city grouse, also refered to as a pigeon, from 10 yards, with his Mid sized Maddog Longbow, and aluminum arrow tipped with a judo point.

Justin Black of Grand Prairie, Alberta, took this beaver.
He used his 47# Maddog Midsized longbow,
easton legacy arrow, tipped with a Bear razor Head.
(note: the hunting was done on private land with owner's permission)

Katie Gilbert of Iowa, with an excellent turkey
she arrowed using her midsized Maddog recurve.

Mike Briganti brought down this 350 lb, Pennsylvania boar using his 44#, Mid Sized longbow and arrows, appropriately tipped with a Tusker single beveled broadhead.

Mike Briganti, with a fine Montana mule deer
taken with a 44# midsized Maddog Longbow

Mike Briganti of Montana with a Wild Turkey he stuck
using his Maddog 52", 44#, midsized longbow.

Bob Nystul of Wisconsin used his Maddog
midsized recurve to arrow this exceptional carp.

Mali Shea Turner, use her Maddog Pup longbow
to win first place at a local archery shoot.

Joshua Brightman shooting a pup recurve.

Eddie Threlkeld of Hallsville Missouri, took this whitetail doe with a 58# @ 31" Maddog recurve.

Rev. Donald "Ol P" Bryant Sr. of Lambsburg Virgina, use his 56# Maddog recurve a Cedar Shaft from Raven Arrows, and a Zwickey broadhead to take this whitetail doe. With him is granson Daniel "Daniel Boone" Bowman. This the first deer to be taken with a Maddog bow.

Dave Randall, of Clinton Iowa, with an exceptional whitetail buck. Dave used a 53# osage and bamboo Maddog longbow, cedar arrow and a 125 gr. ace broadhead.

Mike harvests a fine pronghorn!

Juan Luna from Mountain Home, Idaho - 1st place winner of 2008 Magic Mountain 3D shoot, traditional division - with some whistle pigs, taken with a 50# Maddog longbow. Now there's two less rodents to destroy the garden!